Todo sobre iphone by Mikas

34 packs con juegos y aplicaciones gratis

Gracias a que son unos cracks, os paso estos packs que se han currado.

Parte 1:
-7 Cities TD 1.5.4-COREPDA
-a bugs defense 1.0.1-Hexhammer
-A Commando 1.0.2-ipwnpda
-Ace Shot! 1.2-Hexhammer
-Aim For The Brain 1.1.2-ipwnpda

Tamaño: 94 MB

Parte 2:
-Alien Holiday 1.0-ipwnpda
-Am I Wasted 1.0-amp3d
-Ant Hill 1.0.7-Hexhammer
-Anytime Pool 1.1.0-Hexhammer
-Archon 1.1-Hexhammer

Tamaño: 99 MB

Parte 3:
-ATTRACTION 1.5-Macosmovil
-Bacterium 1.0-Hexhammer
-Battle By Ships 20×20 1.0-Alucard
-Bricks of Camelot 1.10-ipwnpda
-China Flash 1.2-Alucard
-ChitChat 1.0-WHG3
-Documents To Go (Microsoft Word editing & Desktop sync) 1.1-Hexhammer
-Documents To Go with Exchange Attachments 1.1-Hexhammer ipa

Tamaño: 98 MB

Parte 4:
-DominoFall Stick 2.1.2-Hexhammer
-Dreams 1.1-Hexhammer
-Enviro-Bear 2010 1.0-Hexhammer
-FallBall 1.0.cracked-COREPDA
-Gambit – Deutsche Sprache 1.5.3-Alucard
-Gambit Puzzles – Espanol Spanish Puzzle Games 1.5.3-Alucard
-Gambit Puzzles – Hindi Puzzle Board Game 1.5.3-Alucard
-Gambit Puzzles – Nederlandse Taal Dutch 1.5.3-Alucard
-Gambit Puzzles – Svenska Sprk 1.5.3-Alucard
-Gremlin Empire 1.1-Hexhammer
-hotCars 1.0-Alucard
-I Am Ninja 1.0.6-Alucard
-iCombat 1.2.1.cracked-COREPDA
-iFact 1.0-Alucard
-iFighter 1.4-ipwnpda

Tamaño: 84 MB

Parte 5:
-Iron Fist Boxing 2.01-Arce_Game
-iSwap Faces 1.4.2.cracked-COREPDA
-IT 1.0-Hexhammer
-Joyland 1.1-ipwnpda
-Kaleidora Full 1.0-Hexhammer
-Kolonists 1.1-Hexhammer
-Morita Shogi 1.0-Hexhammer

Tamaño: 88 MB

Parte 6:
-NANO 2.2-Hexhammer
-OneCalc 1.1-drQ
-Phil Hellmuth Poker 1.0-Hexhammer
-Piggeez 1.0-Hexhammer
-Power Girls 1.1-ipwnpda
-Professional Police Training 1.1-Hexhammer
-Puzzle Rocks 1.0-Hexhammer

Tamaño: 92 MB

Parte 7:
-Pipe Mania 1.0-Hexhammer
-Reflexion 2.0-Hexhammer
-ShotRecs 1.0-Alucard
-Sneezies – Chain Reaction 1.5-Hexhammer
-Sorteando 1.0-PJ
-SpeedR 1.0-Hexhammer
-Spin Star 1.0-Hexhammer

Tamaño: 101 MB

Parte 8:
-Squared 1.0.1-Hexhammer
-Tank Wars 1.0-Hexhammer
-Trapped – Undead Infection 1.0.4-ipwnpda
-TVRaspored 1.0-FlameCRO
-Westbang 1.1-ipwnpda
-What’s the Difference 1.0-Hexhammer
-Wizard of the Forest 1.0.1-ipwnpda
-WoW Achievements 1.1-Hexhammer

Tamaño: 73 MB

Parte 9:
-4×4 Jam 1.0.patched-SUPAAZN
-Drop 1.0-Hexhammer
-Drug Infusion – An IV Med Drip Rate Calculator 1.1-mega4i
-Face Match – Face Recognition by PBF 1.0
-Fast Facts for Critical Care 1.0-m4i
-Fast Facts for Trauma 1.0-m4i
-Form 1.0-Hexhammer
-Gesture 1.0-iNell
-ibisMail 1.2.0-BigDrakov
-iValentino 1.0-Alucard
-Jetman 2.0-Alucard
-Music Library Quiz 1.0-Sadic_Angel
-netTV 1.2-Brk
-PocketMoney 2.3.1-Bloodfest
-SET 1.0.4

Tamaño: 66 MB

Parte 10:
-Tank War 1.0
-Tapatalk 1.1-xSellize
-The Habit Factor 1.0-mofulous
-Worms 1.0-jz
Tamaño: 78 MB

Parte 11:
-Arcane Stones 1.0-Hexhammer
-Attack P2P – Bluetooth Spaceship Battle 1.0-Hexhammer
-aWake!SimplyPro 2.1.1-Itaintrite
-Awesome Note 1.0-MadHouse
-BallWhirl 2.0-Hexhammer
-Bubble Twirrl 1.0-Hexhammer
-Bug Out! 1.0-Hexhammer
-Candy Dice 1.1-Itaintrite
-Chinese Idiom Dictionary 1.2-hexhammer
-Crush Bunny 1.0-hexhammer
-Diamond Breaker 1.0-Hexhammer
-Dr. Awesome, Microsurgeon M.D.1.0-Hexhammer
-EyeClock 1.0-Hexhammer
-Fingerprint Scanner 1.1-Itaintrite
-Fizziks 1.0-Hexhammer
-Garage Sale App 2.0-Itaintrite
-Gas Cubby MPG & Car Maintenance 2.0.1-mortbrew
-GasOrDiesel 1.1

Tamaño: 90 MB

Parte 12:
-Groovy Clock 1.3-Alucard
-Health Cubby Social Fitness 1.1-mortbrew
-Hexorcist 1.0-Hexhammer
-iChm – CHM Reader 1.3.1-PDA365
-iGangster 1.0-RN[C4iD]
-Kaloki Love 1.0-Hexhammer
-Mart Bingo 1.04-Itaintrite
-Mechanical Gear Clock A 1.0-Hexhammer
-Medieval 1.0-Hexhammer
-MerryCoupling Expert 1.0-Hexhammer
-Metro Santiago 1.0-CrisChilecomPartee
-Mission Control 1-Hexhammer
-Monkey Sling 1.1.1-Itaintrite
-NgoiSao 3.0.1-LanhHuyet
-Occurro! – The Game of Stellar Combat 1.0.0-Hexhammer
-PhotoPict 2.0-MadHouse
-Pocket RTS 1.00-Hexhammer
-Polaris 1.0-Hexhammer
-Pong – iPhone Edition 1.1-Itaintrite
-Pushy 1.0.0-Hexhammer
-Rat On The Run 1.0.0-Hexhammer
-Run Pee Mobile 1.0-BillGates

Tamaño: 74 MB

Parte 13:
-Sexy Poker 2009 1.1.2-Hexhammer
-Space Snake 1.0-Hexhammer
-Spaceballs 1.2-Alucard
-Star Shower 1.1.0-Hexhammer
-State Info 1-Alucard
-Tilt-a-Ball 1.0-Hexhammer
-Traffic Rush 1.00-Hexhammer
-TriDefense 0.9-Hexhammer
-Trochoid 1.2-Alucard
-TwitKwik 1.0.4-Itaintrite
-TwitterFon 1.5.4-MadHouse
-Uggles – Collect them ALL 1.6-Itaintrite
-vDrummer 1.4
-Zombies & Me 1.0.0-Hexhammer

Tamaño: 82 MB

Parte 14
-Adaptunes 1.1-RN[C4iD]
-BeoLingus 1.1-Alucard
-Boxcar – Twitter Push Notifications 1.0-MadHouse
-Brothers In Arms – Hour of Heroes 1.3.1-Calku
-Cigarettes 1.1-sni8per8
Tamaño: 90 MB

Parte 15:
-Arcade Pool Online 1.1-Hexhammer
-Clinometer 3.0.4-Calku
-DrawRace 1.02-Calku
-Elementary School Trivia 1.42
-Going to rain 1.1-Alucard
-iOutBank Pro – Mobile Banking 2.0.11-sni8per8
-Mappper 1.0-italiancrackers
-Tanach for all 1.2.1-itaintrite
-Underworlds 1.12-Calku
-WarShip 1.35-Calku
Tamaño: 74 MB

Parte 16:
-3D Lawn Darts 1.0-RubikCube
-Amazing Animal Facts 1.1-RubikCube
-Amazing Sudoku 1.2-RubikCube
-AusTax09 1.1-Alucard
-Awesome Note 1.1-MadHouse
-BeeCells 1.2.2-RubikCube
-Big 2 Craze – Chinese Poker 1.1-RubikCube
-Bingo Caller 1.0-RubikCube
-BoxMan Plus 2.3-RubikCube
-BrainMaths 1.0-RubikCube
-BUZZER! Music Quiz 1.0-RubikCube
-Crazy Ice 1.0-Hexhammer
-CrossTheRoad 1.3-Alucard
-Crystal Defenders 2.0.2-ipwnpda
-Farm Frenzy 1.0-Hexhammer

Tamaño: 102 MB

Parte 17:
-3-2-1-Jump! 1.0-Hexhammer
-Aces High Video Poker 1.2-RubikCube
-AdLibs 2.1.0-RubikCube
-Air Traffic Controller 4.0 1.6-RubikCube
-Demonball 1.0-RubikCube
-Dot Matrix Clock 1.6.0-Itaintrite
-French Audio FlashCards 1.6.2-Hexhammer
-GMAT Prep Writing 1.0-Alucard
-GPSed Track Your Trips! 1.4-MadHouse
-Handy Chess Online (FICS) 1.0-Alucard
-HoursTracker 1.0-RubikCube
-Ice Road Truckers 1.0-Hexhammer
-Iris Story – the Captors of Elements 1.0-Hexhammer

Tamaño: 97 MB

Parte 18:
-iFishing 1.8.cracked-COREPDA
-iTweetReply 1.0.Patched-MadHouse
-iYamato 1.0-ipwnpda
-Knights Onrush 1.2-Itaintrite
-Leaf Trombone – World Stage 1.5-chimpanji
-Light Wars 1.21.cracked-COREPDA

Tamaño: 99 MB

Parte 19:
-Lexi-COMPLETE 1.3.3-realmoney
-MicroCars 1.0-berwan
-MotionX GPS 6.1-Calku
-My Basket 2.0-MadHouse
-Parachute Panic 1.1-UltraDogg
-PassSafe 1.2-Itaintrite
-Quiz Creator 2.2-RubikCube
-Refl-XS 1.0-Hexhammer
-Rope’n’Fly 1.3-MadHouse
-Say Hi! 1.1-Alucard

Tamaño: 100 MB

Parte 20:
-Sentinel 2 – Earth Defense 1.1.0.cracked-COREPDA
-Snake Charmer ‘Indian Tour’ 1.0-Hexhammer
-Super Rock And Roll 1.1.1.cracked-COREPDA
-Talking Tip Calculator Deluxe 1.0-Alucard
-Treasure Land 1.4-Alucard
-True Binary Clock 1.0-RubikCube
-Vint B&W 1.2-Alucard
-Vint Shift 1.1-Alucard
-Wiccan Wheel of the Year 1.0-RubikCube
-YXFlash Player for iPhone
-Zombies & Me 1.0
Tamaño: 98 MB

Parte 21:
-Awesome Facts Pro 2.4-RubikCube
-Beer Pong PRO 1.1-RubikCube
-Bumper Stars 1.0-Hexhammer
-Byki Spanish
-Car Mania 1.0.0-jz
-Cards Math 1.5-RubikCube
-City Bomber 1.28-COREPDA
-Cookie Pop Classic 1.0-Hexhammer

Tamaño: 102 MB

Parte 22:
-Art Envi 2.0-RubikCube
-Cyntacts 1.3-1.rar
-Jelly SMS 1.8.cracked-COREPDA
-Jourist Visual PhraseBook Turkish 1.2-berwan
Tamaño: 104 MB

Parte 23:
-3D Super Sniper 2 1.1-COREPDA
-Air Sharing Pro 2.0.2.Patched-SUPAAZN
-Doodle Jump 1.3.1-UltraDogg
-Elite Base Jump 1.0-Hexhammer
-Fab Facelift 1.0-Alucard
-Flight Control 1.4.cracked-COREPDA
-Football 10 Pro 1.1-haxorl33t
-Genius Memory Pro 1.0-Alucard
-GRE Review 1.2.1
-Harbor Master 1.1-UltraDogg
-iLoseWeight 1.6.2-Itaintrite
-Ka-Glom 1.0.0-Hexhammer
-Live Poker Deluxe 1M by Zynga 2.7.Patched-MadHouse
-Mazugs 1.1.0-Hexhammer
-Mega Man II 1.5-Hexhammer
-Monster Pinball 1.0-ipwnpda
-MUST.EAT.BIRDS. 1.1-fufi

Tamaño: 97 MB

Parte 24:
-Nano Fighter 2.1-Calku Pro Synth 1.4-equaliz3r
-Pharaoh 1.0-Hexhammer
-Piling Coins 1.0.1-Alucard
-QuickMark – QR Code Reader 3.8.1
-Ranch Rush 1.0-Hexhammer
-RetroPlayer 1.1.0-a3116b
-SAT Prep Writing 1.1-Alucard
-septAmberix 1.0-UltraDogg
-Shinro Mines 1.2.2-Alucard
-Snake Mayhem 2 1.0.0-Hexhammer
-Sneezies – Chain Reaction 1.5.cracked-COREPDA

Tamaño: 100 MB

Parte 25:
-Spheric 1.10-UltraDogg
-The Memorist 1.0-Hexhammer
-TowerMadness – 3D Tower Defense 1.1.0-MadHouse
-TranceBeat 1.01-Alucard
-UniWar 1.0.3-fufi
-VideoUp for Facebook 1.0-MarlboroTouch
-War Zone 1.4-COREPDA
-WhatBall 1.0-RubikCube

Tamaño: 99 MB

Parte 26:
-AirTycoon Airline Management 2.0.cracked-COREPDA
-Arachnid (a better browser) 1.4.1-fufi
-ArkaPlan 1.0-disclosure
-Battle Field 1.5-COREPDA
-Bees! 1-Apple
-Bumper Ball – Stage 2 1.0.1-SteveJobs
-Car Mania 1.0.0.cracked-COREPDA
-Comic Reader Mobi 1.1-Hexhammer
-Deep Green Chess 1.1.2-Fufi
-Distant Assassin 2 – Sniper Reload 2.31-COREPDA
-Downloader 1.1-Itaintrite
-e-iReveal 1.1-SteveJobs
-FaceMic for Facebook 1.1-MarlboroTouch
-GeoCaching 2.2-fufi
-Great Lakes 1.0-SteveJobs
-Gun Runner Mafia 1.4-fufi
-Hotline 1.1-Itaintrite
-iBabes 2.0-fufi
-iBank 1.0-SPARKY
-iHerd 1.0-Hexhammer
-iReddit 2.0
-iSilo 5.07-fufi
-iUNo 1.4.9.cracked-COREPDA
-Kabooma 1.11.cracked-COREPDA
-Kenny Rogers – Blackjack
-Mineshaft 1.0-Hexhammer
-Perfect Balance – Harmony 1.0.3-fufi
-Perfect Balance – Inferno 1.0.1-fufi

Tamaño: 95 MB

Parte 27:
-PokerFace 1.0-Itaintrite
-Power Chat 1.1-fufi
-Ragdoll Blaster – A Physics Puzzler 1.1-Aldogh85
-SlovoEd Deluxe English-Turkish & Turkish-English dictionary 2.10-disclosure

Tamaño: 90 MB

Parte 28:
-POWERPROS TOUCH 1.0-Hexhammer
-Sihirbaz 1.0-disclosure
-T-Premium (15 Apps in 1 App) 1.1-Fufi
-Tyrian 1.04-fufi
-Video Safe + Pic Safe 1.2-BriPhoneBr
-VideoUp for Facebook 1.0-MarlboroTouch
-Werewolf 1.1-fufi
-Word Play! ONLINE 1.1-Itaintrite
-Zanza – Mosquito swatter 1.2-MarlboroTouch

Tamaño: 96 MB

Parte 29:
-Real Football 2009 1.5.2-COREPDA
-SecureAccess 2.0-Itaintrite
-Seek n Spell 1.02-Itaintrite
-SEGA Columns Deluxe 1.0.32-Itaintrite
-Sonic Scan 3.0-Itaintrite

Tamaño: 98 MB

Parte 30:
-1,000,000 Answers 1.1-Xobius
-1945 Ace Destroyer 1.0-Hexhammer
-A+ Alarm Music Clock 1.4.7-arce_game
-AccelaStudy German – Turkish 1.4.1-berwan
-Adaptunes 1.1.Patched-SUPAAZN
-Airport Mania – First Flight 1.2.2-ipodtouchdude
-Alarm Clock! Music Theme Clocks 3.0.4-arce_game
-Alien Day 1.0-COREPDA
-Anti Mosquito Pro 1.1.0-kidmonkeys

Tamaño: 97 MB

Parte 31:
-Babestation Sexy Presenters 1.0-ipodtouchdude
-Betrashed 1.0-Hexhammer
-CLUE (Spanish) 1.0.89-arce_game
-Convert (Unit Converter by PBF) 1.5.1-Xobius
-Criss Angel Believe Magic 1.0-ipodtouchdude
-eTask 1.1.0-Xobius
-ezShare 1.0.3-Xobius
-FlyChat 1.0-ipodtouchdude
-Friendz 1.1.4-ipodtouchdude
-iDrag Racer 1.3-COREPDA
-iHandy Carpenter 1.71-Xobius
-iSSH – SSH-VNC Console 3.5.6-Xobius
-Jan Kallwejt – Art for iPhone 1.0-Alucard
-Live Cams (Webcam Pan Tilt Zoom) 2.35-ItalianCrackers
-MageStory 1.1-COREPDA
-Ninja Shadow 1.6.9-COREPDA
-Oz Weather 1.5-Xobius

Tamaño: 97 MB

Parte 32:
-Puzzlings 1.0.1-Hexhammer
-Quickoffice Mobile Office Suite 1.3.0-Arce_Game
-Real Racing 1.10.cracked-COREPDA

Tamaño: 94 MB

Parte 33:
-Real Soccer 2009 1.5.2-Itaintrite
-Skyscape Labs 360 1.0.1-Mr.Z
-Spellwinder 1.0-Alucard
-Streets of Rage 1.0-Hexhammer
-StuffRadar 2.0-Alucard
-Toobz 1.3-Xobius
-Traffic Canada 3.0-Alucard

Tamaño: 92 MB

Parte 34:
-TV Quiz 201 1.0-Alucard
-UnixTime 1.0-Alucard
-Warpack Grunts 1.0.1.Cracked-COREPDA
-Zen Bound 1.2.2.cracked-COREPDA
Tamaño: 64 MB

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